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number 1 embossed on black cardstock


Branding, Graphic Design.

House Tellers is a premium real estate unit affiliated with a large consulting firm. The previous logo didn't do justice to the project's ambitions, and I was asked to position it in its right place. The typographic choice reflects the unit's wide range of offerings, from classic to modern real estate products.

Alongside the Real Estate identity, House Tellers also offers Investment, Advisory and Concierge services, all recognized with their own sub-brands.

​House Tellers has a strong ambition to be at the top of its game, which is why the brand was designed to include the aspiration to be number 1 in its DNA.

House Tellers Real estate logo
HT folder
HT Business card
HT office reception
HT direct mail. Blue bubble envelope with sticker
HT office signage
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