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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

to do in YouTube…

I created a YouTube channel. I’m 46 and I’m taking my first steps on the “content creation” thing.

First I have to say that I admire anyone who manages to make a living off of content creation, regardless of the niche. A few years back I already had my eyes on blogs and the ability certain people have with writing. I’m not a writer although I started a few blogs and quickly gave up on them because I tire easily with the topics I choose (I was younger). Blogs have since lost some influence thanks to social networks and the constant investment they have undergone. And people adapt or die. The Blogger became a Content Creator or Influencer or YouTuber or Tik Toker, or at least more than just a Blogger. And I marvel more easily, because words now have photos and video and are easily shareable. And that came to separate who is a content creator or a simple content sharer.

But back to the YouTube thing – I created a channel because I felt a sort of a calling. You know, when someone wakes up to a certain subject that was there all along, but quietly unannounced, and now it’s just got so huge that it’s impossible not to notice.

So I’m committed to grow a community on YouTube. I learned the basics, subscribed to a few YouTubers that make more sense to my 46 year old brain and started something new, to me at least. Not only that, I started this blog also in english, which is not my native language … oh, and a podcast is also in the making. All this in between raindrops, because I continue to work as a graphic designer, despite my attention being a little more scattered than usual.

All these new adventures are connected. One has to write, or talk of things one understands, so a niche was quickly targeted – Graphic Design. Not just graphic design, but also technology, photography and so many other related topics.

And I’ll be sharing a little bit of what I’m doing there, over here, because it might be of interest to anyone reading these words. I will find my audience. There is always someone looking for a certain information and someone will be interested in what I have to share (maybe, I hope). And my first share is a small series of YouTube Shorts (short vertical videos, similar to Reels on Instagram and Tik Tok) which I named Useful Things to do with AI. Deep down, they are a kind of humorous sketches about the facilities of artificial intelligence in Adobe tools, namely Photoshop’s Generative Fill. They’re not very funny but they’re not terribly soulless either.

I particularly like this one. Because it’s a funny approach on how AI works. When selecting this image in Photoshop, I was anticipating that the final result would be this, it wouldn’t be too difficult to guess. But at the same time it is curious to see that a certain artificial intelligence “thinks” like us. Or is it as predictable as we are. Or as unimaginative …

I hope you find these videos funny. I’m doing them for two reasons – one, I’m also taking my first steps in video editing (yes, another thing I’m getting into) and these little videos have taught me a lot. I’m doing and learning while I’m doing. Two, I quickly discovered that they have some reach. There has been some feedback, some comments and shares and that makes me hopeful for the channels future.

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