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Oh inspiration, where art thou?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Feeling uninspired is a very common state of mind, of lacking motivation, enthusiasm, or creative energy. It's such a common experience that can affect you in various areas of your life, including work, hobbies, relationships and even personal growth.

I know this because I'm feeling exactly that way.

What triggers this lack of enthusiasm? What brings us to this path of lack of inspiration? It comes in many forms, so I'll share with you, dear reader, the pain most inflicted upon my routine ... and here is the main word - routine. Everyone has one right? Having a routine is a great way to predict the future... I'm a pretty motivated person myself, and routines usually don’t have a nefarious effect on my personality, but every now and then, the cold and harsh touch of self doubt comes knocking. Sometimes I just accept it. I procrastinate, I avoid what I know I must do in order to surpass such shallow feelings, and it will eventually go away, because a new project comes in or a nice dinner and a conversation with friends make all things easier.

And sometimes I fight it, by embracing a personal project or dedicate my focus on writing an article about it. Even now I'm sensing my adrenalin boiling just because I found a sudden purpose.

I work alone, mostly at home, so I do engage in repetitive tasks and I do get stuck in a predictable environment and this will eventually lead a person to a lack of inspiration.

I'll not address external factors like stress, burnout or lack of support, although they will grow on a suspicious mind. But there are the inner obstacles: the self-doubt, fear of failure, the imposter syndrome, things that can hinder creative thinking and enthusiasm.

Can you acknowledge the signs or symptoms? The decreased motivation and enthusiasm for previously enjoyable activities. The difficulty generating new ideas or finding creative solutions. The procrastination or avoidance of tasks due to a lack of inspiration. The sudden sense of boredom or apathy towards daily responsibilities. Yes, you know you do...

I'm not a life coach and definitely not a psychologist who holds the answer for all our inner troubles, but I've developed a method - my method - for overcoming some of the hard times of being a somewhat lonely creative professional. Instead of making a list I will tell you exactly what I'm doing to keep things interesting, for me at least.

I'm seeking new experiences, like writing this blog, creating a podcast and a YouTube channel (in Portuguese), all at once. The experience of digging for information, the filming, writing scripts and editing videos, all things I don't normally do by myself, are a breath of fresh air in my 2D oriented life. So every time I publish something it's like an act of expelling poorly stopped energy.

It's almost an exorcism of some sort.

By doing all this I'm embracing curiosity and experimentation, I mean, I'm not reinventing the wheel, but I'm allowing myself to explore without the pressure of immediate results or expectations. Creating for the sake of creation. As a graphic Designer I create because people pay me to create. Well not this time, mister...

You can and must surround yourself with inspiration and inspiring content, with books, podcasts, music and other forms and shapes of art, or go out and have conversations with like-minded individuals. But above all, you must do something. You have to get over the fear of the possibility that you might be ridiculed, or say something wrong that would be the target of an angry mob and put things out there. Make things happen.

"The world is divided into three kinds of people: A very small group that makes things happen; a somewhat larger group that watches things happen; and a great multitude that never knows what has happened."

Nicholas Murray Butler

Choose who you want to be in your own story.

Feeling uninspired is a temporary state and it can be overcome with intentional effort and a shift in our mindset. Inspiration really comes from unexpected places, so by embracing new experiences and taking proactive steps, we can reignite our passion, motivation, and creativity.

Here’s a little treat for you...

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