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Oh no! One more article about Artificial Intelligence...

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

My first post and it’s all about the hype of artificial intelligence in graphic design.

I'm ... surrendered ... to ... #artificialintelligence in the Beta version of #Photoshop.

I've been using the technology for a few days now. I have mainly made small corrections to photographs, despite trying everything that comes to mind - but, as an example, even today I "deleted" part of a boat that occupied 1/5 of an image on a dolphin watching tour and "replaced" that part of the image with sea, and it didn't take long more than about 10 seconds.

Artificial intelligence manipulation of an image of dolphins in the sea
The Before and After the prompt

This technology saved me a photo editing session that would have taken about 30 minutes. If time is really precious, and it is believe me, imagine for someone who works all alone like me.

This next video reveals another facet of this technology. I'm not a great illustrator, at least not enough to add illustration to my service offer, but these 60 seconds show, in real time, the creation of not one, not two, but three illustrations from of a #prompt, a command line that describe a scene/image that we want the AI to create. The result obtained is not always fantastic - the third image is, to say the least, comical.

But the other two results are quite acceptable.

As for now, I don't see artificial intelligence with the necessary arguments to steal work from professional illustrators. There is a lack of humour, wit, irony and as we all know A.I. it's just... code.

For now...

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